Heaven, Open! (Solid White) (Single)

Heaven, Open! (Solid White) (Single)

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Isaiah 64:1 - "Oh that You would rend the heavens and come down!"

Don't wait to find an open heaven --- seek the Holy Spirit. As you pursue Him, command heaven to open! This is a season when we need to seek Holy Spirit more than ever before - let the gates of your heart open!

This angel-wing flag has a radius (rod length) of various approximate lengths.

There are multiple thread variants available. From top to bottom in the picture are the following thread colors: 

- Soft Patriotic Rainbow

- Soft Spring Rainbow

- Bold Silver Metallic

- Light Silver Metallic

- White Pearl Metallic (note: this is a pearlized, subtle metallic look)

- Light Yellow Gold Metallic

- Bold Yellow Gold Metallic

- Rainbow Metallic